Thursday, April 12, 2012

Photographer Shoot-off: Lara Jade VS Joey L (2011) (New Links)

Photographer Shoot-off: Lara Jade VS Joey L (2011) (New Links)

Photographer Shoot-done: Lara Jade VS Joey L (2011) (New Links)
English | Duration: 4h | H264 | 800x450 | 24fps 1200Kbps | AAC 48kHz stereo 128Kbps | 1.66GB
Genre: eLearning

Get inner the minds of photographers Lara Jade and Joey L being of the cl~s who they compete head to head in photo shoots right and left the world. In Photographer Shoot-Off , the rivals are given a reach of different challenge topics in which they must interpret and execute in their recognize way. The lessons range from having to make an image in a controlled environment such as a studio, to photographing a clean stranger somewhere new and unplanned. Both of the photographers be under the necessity completely different styles, and approach harvested land challenge differently. Learn how each photographer directs, professionally lungs , composes, and Photoshops their final images. Follow beside from start to finish with not at all information held back. The tutorials be continent knowledge spanning years of each photographer s manner of life. Who will be the victor?

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